User Manual

JASMINER X4 : High-throughput 1U Server Instruction Manual
SUNLUNE Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.


I. Product introduction
II. Product features
III. Inspection before use
IV. Description
V. Settings

JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U Server Instruction Manual

I Product Introduction

Jasminer X4 high-throughput 1U server, is a ethash server with high-throughput technology developed by Sunlune technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Jasminer X4 based on memory computing integrated high-throughput computing chip.
The chip with memory computing integrated structure performs a combination of storage and computing.
Meeting the requirements of storage capacity, it improves the memory access bandwidth, providing sufficient computing power with its exquisite low-noise design and compact size.
With the integrated memory and computing architecture and high- throughput technology, Jasminer X4 is suitable for PoW algorithms such as ETCHASH and ETHASH, satisfying various customers and providing a good return on investment.

II Product features

Thanks to its user friendly interface, Jasminer X4 is easy to use while providing an excellent performance – it only requires few parameters to be set.
Power supply and network access is required.
It features an efficient and concise IO expansion capability and high stability.

Energy saving, environment friendly and widely used

Very low power consumption, low-noise design, high efficiency, environment friendly production. The environmental temperature is ≤40 °C.

III Inspection before use

1.Inspection before use

After unpacking, please check for any package deformation or interface damage. If there is any fault, please contact the after-sales department immediately.
Check for abnormal sound or loose screws. If there is any fault, please contact the after-sales department.

2. Attention

The device should be connected to a Router or Exchanger without PoE (Power over Ethernet) function -the device supports a wired network connection only.
To avoid heat dissipation, do not stack or cover the device with other objects.
Please run the device under the recommended operating environment (operating temperature: 0–40℃, operating humidity: 5% RH~95% RH, non condensation; altitude of 2000 meters below and under non tropical climate conditions) to avoid affecting the normal operation or performance of the device.
Pay attention to dust and foreign objects to prevent mainboard corrosion and subsequent malfunctions.
Please note that any modification will void warranty.
There are four protective sleeves equipped to prevent edge scratches.
Please insert the protective sleeve for safety before use.

IV Basic description

1. Device

JASMINER X4 high-throughput 1U Server


Place the device as shown in the figure above. Do not place the device in a closed space.
For your safety, do not remove any screws or fasteners from the device.
The device will generate heat during operation. Please avoid touching the black shell during operation.

2. Parameters

3. Interface and Description

2. Find device IP Address

After the device is plugged in with a network cable and powered on, the device will start running. If the green indicator blinks, the device is running without issues. You can obtain the IP address of the device in 2 ways:

(1)Log in to the router connected to the device and query the device IP

Log in to the router admin page. In the list of devices linked to the network, look for the “JASMINER” device, and copy the IP address linked.

(2)Use the IP Report software provided by JASMINER to obtain the IP

Run the sl_Miner.exe program (Other → IP group control management software → Download) on any PC with Windows OS -make sure that your PC and the device are on the same local network segment.

As shown in the image below, click “Settings and query” → “Start listening”, and press the IP Report button of the Jasminer device, the software will automatically show the related information of the device.

3. Configure high-throughput 1U Server

a) Enter the shown IP address into the browser Search Bar and press Enter to open the device Interface.

Default Username: root
Default Password: root

b) Enter the “Miner” configuration interface to modify the core pool settings. Fill in the preferred and two alternative mining pool addresses, account name and password.

Select the algorithm.
The device support both ETCHASH and ETHASH algorithm.
The default algorithm is ETCHASH.

Click “Update” to submit the configuration.

c) View Hashrate

After 30 minutes of activity, you will view the device Hashrate on the “Status” page.

At this point, the configuration of this high-throughput 1U server is complete.

4. Other settings

a) IP Setting: If you need to change the network configuration such as IP address, select the “Network” configuration item, and the device will dynamically obtain the IP address by default.
After the change, click “Update” to to save the settings.

b) Modify Login/Password: If you need to change the login name and password select the “Admin” configuration item. The default login name of the device is root and the default password is root. After selecting your new preferred login information, click “Update” to save the new settings.

c) View Log: If you want to view the log information of the system operating please click on the “Log” option.

d) Upgrade system firmware: Select the “Upgrade” option, select the firmware to be upgraded, and click “Upload Image” to complete the upgrade operation.

e) Restart the device: Select “Reboot” and click “Reboot Now”.

f) To restore the device to the factory settings, select “Reset”, and click “Reset Now”.