After Sales Repair Guide


  •  When the Jasmine server fails, please contact the after-sales personnel in time. After the after-sales personnel understand and remotely detect the faulty machine, the customer is recommended to repair the faulty server.
  • After the user creates a work order, the after-sales default express package is a fault or damage to the machine, and the package will be signed normally; after the after-sales unpacking, the machine will be checked for faults and damage, and the damage caused by logistics and user reasons will not be borne by the after-sales service. .
  • In order to avoid damage to the machine during transportation, when sending the machine out, please take care to take protective measures when packing it.
  • After-sales service does not support self-pickup of logistics parcels, please do not choose self-pickup; the round-trip freight for the maintenance of the mining machine is borne by each person. When the user sends the after-sales maintenance, please be sure to choose the freight pay-as-you-go.

After-sales process

Ⅰ. Create maintenance work order

1. Enter the official website to create a maintenance work order, and enter the page to add customer information and equipment information.

Our customer service will contact you in time to provide you with technical support and confirm whether the equipment needs to be returned to the factory for repair.

2. After confirming that you need to return to the factory, you need to fill in the logistics information and receiving address in the official jasminer work order.

Parcels will be rejected after sale in the following situations:

① No work order is created;

②The physical object does not match the work order (after-sales cannot distinguish whether it is a work order creation error or a logistics transportation problem);
③Work order creation error (the courier number is incorrectly filled in and the repair information is incomplete).

All losses (including maintenance costs, loss of profits, etc.) incurred as a result shall be borne by the user.

3. Inquiry method of after-sales work order status: official website-personal center-after-sales service-service record

4. When filling in the after-sales work order, the user must fill in the address information clearly, and it cannot be modified when the work order is submitted;

Ⅱ. After-sales receipt

Ⅲ. Quotation for maintenance

Free after-sales repair time: The difference between the date of delivery of the machine and the date of receipt of the repaired parts at the repair point is within the warranty period, and the warranty period is considered out of warranty.

2. Once the out-of-warranty machine is returned to the after-sales service, the after-sales service will quote the repair according to the actual condition of the machine. If the machine is unable to be repaired or has no repair value, it will be returned for processing. For repair quotations, please pay attention to the status of the after-sales work order or contact our customer service.

3. The following conditions will invalidate the warranty and will not be repaired or repaired free of charge:

① Human factors:

  • Product damage caused by improper use or operating errors;
  • The mining machine itself was disassembled (the label of the mining machine was artificially damaged), and the components were altered and replaced without authorization;
  • Product damage caused by using non-our products that do not meet our requirements;
  • The computing board or chip is crushed, broken, or burned;
  • Product damage caused by excessive voltage and leakage;
  • Product damage caused by too high or too low ambient temperature;
  • Overclocking
  • The machine serial number is missing or ambiguous;
  • Any situation that causes us to be unable to determine whether the product is within the warranty period;

②Natural factors:
natural disasters, including damages caused by lightning strikes, floods, storms, fires and earthquakes, such as water ingress, dampness and corrosion of circuit boards and components;
natural wear and tear;
③other factors:
counterfeit products, etc.

4. The following damages caused by the machine during use or transportation cannot be repaired after sale, and all losses arising therefrom shall be borne by the user;

①Scrap, including burn-in, product corrosion/oxidation, chip pad pins falling off, PCB breakage, board hole impassability, etc.,

5. After the quotation of scrapped and mixed board machines is not accepted by the customer, it can be returned without repair; the quotation of normal machines is not allowed to be returned without repair.

6. If a work order has not been created and the customer service has not been contacted for more than 90 days, or the maintenance fee has not been paid, or the return package has been refused due to user reasons, the machine will not be returned after the sale.

Ⅳ. Machine return

1. On the premise that the work order is created correctly, the return time:

Guaranteed machines: The after-sales delivery time is generally within 5 working days from the system confirming the receipt date, and the actual repair progress shall prevail. For large quantities or the complete machine repair time will be extended according to the actual situation;

Out-of-warranty machines: The after-sales delivery time is generally within 5 working days after the payment voucher is sent to the customer service.

The machines under a work order will generally be returned after the sale; if the number of repairs is large, they can be returned in several times. If you need to pay for the out-of-warranty machine, please pay the maintenance fee as soon as possible to avoid delaying the return time of the entire machine.

2. After-sales return to the machine logistics selection principle:

After-sales return now supports the following logistics methods: SF Express, Debon, Leapfrog.
If the user has any questions, please be sure to contact customer service in advance to confirm