Model X4 from Jasminer mining EtHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 2.5Gh/s for a power consumption of 1200W.

✔ Applications: Datacenter & mining farm usage

✔ Advantages:Built-in PSU and high-RPM fan cooling, low power consumption per megahash, rugged casing, cost-effective


✔ Algorithms:ETCHASH, ETHASH

✔ Hashrate Performance:2500MH/s±10%

✔ Power Consumption:1200W±10% watt per MH/S:0.48

✔ Operating Conditions:0-40℃ – 5%RH-95%RH non condensation

✔ Network Connection : Ethernet


Period /day /month /year
Income $113.72 $3,411.46 $40,937.46
Electricity -$3.46 -$103.68 -$1,244.16
Profit $110.26 $3,307.78 $39,693.30





Jasminer X4 ETCHash Server 2500mh Profitability Sale – FleXTRon Mining

Jasminer X4 ETCHash Server 2500mh Profitability Sale – FleXTRon Mining Jasminer X4 Series Ethereum Mining Machines Sale – Jasminer Reseller.

  • Application: Mining farm
  • Advantage: High hashrate, low power consumption
  • Algorithm: ETCHASH
  • Hashrate: 2500MH/s±10%
  • Power consumption:1200W±10% Watt per MH/S:0.48
  • Working temperature:0-40℃
  • Operating humidity:5%RH-95%RH non condensation
  • Network connection mode:Ethernet
  • Noise level:≤75db


A Brief Overview of Jasminer X4 Miner

When you glance at the miner, it looks like most Bitcoin miners. This is because the manufacturer uses the same old design with their mining equipment.
Most of the wires at the top are naked, synonymous with the old mining design.

With the X4 Jasminer miner using the Ethash algorithm, you get to mine over 40 coins. Most of these coins are highly profitable.
These include Callisto, Ethereum Classic, and Ubiq under the Ethash algorithm.

Thanks to the algorithm, you can join leading mining pools to increase your chances of mining faster. These mining pools include Ethermine, F2Pool, Poolin, SparkPool, and ViaBTC. We recommend joining a reliable mining pool to get better results.

The miner referred to as the SUNLUNE JASMINER X4 Ethash Server is one to watch.

It comes with a memory of 5GB and uses the Ethernet interface.
The miner is ideal for home mining and those looking to start mining coins.

Algorythm of Jasminer X4 Miner

With the Ethash algorithm, the miner offers a wide array of advantages. To begin with, the algorithm is easy to implement. Second, Ethash is a practical algorithm that’s secure and simple to use and implement.

Thanks to the DAG structure available on the algorithm, it’s one of the most efficient algorithms.

It comes with the Keccak function and a cache, making it efficient in block production.
You get to solve block puzzles faster than most algorithms.

The Ethash comes with a secure verification capacity that doesn’t take long. And this is why joining a mining pool is such a great idea.
You get to verify transactions making it faster to transact coins quickly.

Efficiency of the X4 Jasminer Mining Unit

0.48j/Mh is the efficiency level that comes with this miner. Thanks to the low power consumption of 1200W, the miner is perfect for home mining.
With such a low power consumption rate, it’s astonishing you get to mine over 20 coins.

High efficiency for Ethash mining means solving block puzzles. And this means you will get the chance to mine more coins at a faster rate.
Thanks to the efficiency level, it’s the best efficiency miner yet from the Jasminer Manufacturer.

Hashrate Jasminer X4

The miner comes with a maximum hashrate of 2.5Gh/s suitable for a miner with 1200W of power.
It makes it a worthy miner as you get to mine more coins for extended periods. You don’t have to worry about energy consumption levels.

Humidity and Temperature levels

For the miner to work effectively, it must be under suitable room conditions. When it comes to humidity, the platform follows normal mining hardware conditions.
You get a maximum humidity of 95 percent and a minimum of 5 percent.

As far as temperature goes, the platform offers a maximum of 45 degrees Celsius.

The minimum acceptable temperature level set is 5 degrees Celsius. Failure to comply will lead to several issues, such as overheating.


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A deeper look into Jasminer Integrated Chip

The World’s first memory computing integrated high-troughput processor

  • Area: Die 678mm²
  • Size: 45mm x 45mm
  • Hashrate: 65MH/s±10%
  • Power: 23W±10%
  • Bandwidth: 1Tbyte/s
  • Memory: 5GB



Manufacturer Jasminer
Model X4
Release November 2021
Noise level 75db
Fan(s) 4
Power 1200W
Interface Ethernet
Memory 5GB
Temperature 5 – 40 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %


Minable coins

Additional information

Weight 14000 g
Dimensions 195 × 270 × 390 cm