Model X4-C 1U from Jasminer mining EtHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 450Mh/s for a power consumption of 240W.

✔ Convenience: Datacenter & home use optimized density

✔ Advantages:Built-in high static fans, low power consumption, low noise, compact and easy to handle


✔ Algorithms:ETCHASH, ETHASH

✔ Hashrate Performance:420MH/s±10% – 480MH/s±10% Overclocked Frequency

✔ Power Consumption:240W±10%

✔ Operating Conditions:0-40℃ – 5%RH-95%RH non condensation

✔ Network Connection:Ethernet


Period /day /month /year
Income $18.62 $558.50 $6,702.02
Electricity -$0.69 -$20.74 -$248.83
Profit $17.93 $537.77 $6,453.18





Jasminer X4-C 1U ETCHash Server 450mh Profitability – FleXTRon Mining

Jasminer X4-C 1U ETCHash Server 450mh Profitability – FleXTRon Mining Jasminer X4 Series Ethereum Mining Machines Sale – Jasminer Reseller.

  • Application: for IDC room and home use
  • Advantage: built-in fan, low power consumption, compact size
  • Algorithm:ETCHASH
  • RAM: 5GB
  • Hashrate: 450MH/s±10%
  • Power consumption: 240W±10%
  • Working temperature: 0-40℃
  • Operating humidity: 5%RH-95%RH non condensation
  • Weight: 9.5Kg
  • Measurements: 45×48.2×4.45cm
  • Network connection mode: Ethernet
  • Warranty: 6 months covering non-human faults and starting from shipping confirmation date


About Jasminer X4-C 1U

It has the same design as the predecessor, the X4-1U miner. As a result, both miners have different hashrates but the same power consumption.
With the X4-C 1U, you get a miner with 240W maximum power.

There are over 20 coins to mine with this mining equipment. Most of these mineable coins are profitable, making the unit reasonable.
With low running costs, you’re bound to make a profit within no time.

Some of the mineable coins include Callisto, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Pirl, Ubiq, and more. All these coins are under the Ethash algorithm.
And this means it’s a substitute algorithm for coins such as Ethereum.

You can also join leading mining pools to increase your chances of solving block puzzles.
These mining pools include Ethermine, F2Pool, Poolin, SparkPool, and ViaBTC. Joining mining pools greatly advances your mining capabilities.

Algorythm of the Jasminer X4-C 1U

Ethash algorithm offers investors a wide array of reasons to use it. First, the algorithm is easy to implement.
Ethash uses its simplicity to solve block puzzles faster. In addition, it’s a practical and secure algorithm.

Thanks to the DAG structure, the speed of this miner is unmatched. It also comes with the Keccak function, and the use of cache is a plus.
It’s one of the most efficient algorithms when producing blocks.

You also get an algorithm that has an easy verification process. The platform ensures all transactions under the algorithm get fast verification.
It’s crucial to have fast verification, especially after solving a block puzzle.

Some of the disadvantages include being ASIC resistant. There’s also excessive memory consumption with this algorithm.
You can’t use a computer with low memory to mine with the Ethash algorithm.

Efficiency of the Jasminer X4-C 1U

Thanks to the low power consumption of 240W, the efficiency is 0.533j/Mh. You get to use the miner for longer as the low power consumption ensures low electricity costs.
That’s one of the reasons to get this miner.

Hashrate Jasminer X4-C 1U

450Mh/s is the hashrate the miner brings to the table. And this ensures that the platform is hell-bent to mine coins for longer.
High hashrate enables miners to solve block puzzles faster. So you get a miner that’s efficient in all aspects.

Humidity and Temperature levels

For the miner to work effectively, you need to put it under normal conditions. These include acceptable humidity and temperature. The maximum humidity to use has 95 percent and a minimum of 5 percent.
When it comes to temperatures, high temperatures can cause overheating.

You don’t want your miner to overheat in the middle of mining.
Acceptable maximum temperature levels include 45 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius.

Noise Capabilities

Another reason for this miner is the noise levels set at 65 decibels. It means you can use the miner at home or in an office setup.
The miner is also a perfect fit for large-scale mining activities.

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A deeper look into Jasminer Integrated Chip

The World’s first memory computing integrated high-troughput processor

  • Area: Die 678mm²
  • Size: 45mm x 45mm
  • Hashrate: 65MH/s±10%
  • Power: 23W±10%
  • Bandwidth: 1Tbyte/s
  • Memory: 5GB



Manufacturer Jasminer
Model X4-C 1U
Release November 2021
Size 450 x 44 x 462mm
Noise level 65db
Power 240W
Interface Ethernet
Memory 5GB
Temperature 5 – 40 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %


Minable coins

Additional information

Weight 95000 g
Dimensions 450 × 44 × 462 cm