Computing power makes thinking more powerful

Jasminer X4 High-throughput 1U server

The “2021 Web3.0 China Summit” was held at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 15-17,2021 and the Jasminer X4 Computing Power was discussed. This summit is the top blockchain industry conference in China, which is the highest standard blockchain industry event held in China. As the global leader of high-throughput computing power chips, JASMINER was invited to attend this conference. At the exhibition, JASMINER brought two new products, — Jasminer X4 High-throughput Mini server  and Jasminer X4 High -throughput server.

The biggest advantage of Jasminer X4 compared with GPU mining rigs is “equal the power consumption, six times the scale”, with hashrate up to 520MH/s±10%, power consumption as low as 240W ± 10%, and the home(8.8Kwh) mine finally reaches the estimated annual output of 18,720 MH/s, 6247.91ETC. With such high performance, electricity consumption rate is only 3%. Jasminer X4 maximizes server use space and costs, provides users with flexible and convenient expansion and upgrade means, and greatly improves the operability of the system.

Jasminer X4 High-throughput server is equipped with 40 chips, stable work, using large computing power design, hashrate up to 2500 MH/s ± 10%, strong, power consumption only 1200W ± 10%, only electricity and Internet access needed, abandon the complicated procedures, interface friendly, simple operation, working temperature below 40℃, can be easily operated on any occasion. The computing power consumption ratio of Jasminer X4 (watt per MH/s) is 0.48, and the daily hashrate benefit is about ¥1,000, and the daily power consumption less than 30 kwh. On the premise of meeting the high load and large data operation, the efficiency and optimization of energy management are realized.

Digitalization, internationalization and intellectualization are the outstanding features of the new round of scientific and technological revolution, and also the core of the new generation information technology. In the era of Internet of Things, the demand for computing power from chips has reached an unprecedented level. Chips with faster and higher bandwidth computing power can support the construction of smarter and more powerful cities, which also means more resources saving, more security, higher operation efficiency and more convenient life for residents. There is no doubt that computing power changes the world and the future. Computing power is the core productivity and determines the power of thinking.