“Chinese chip” can embrace the future

2021 is the twelfth year of the history of Sunlune, from mastering the core technology to the introduction of new products, Sunlune has always been mindful, in order to take “Chinese chip” into the world,and take it’s own place, Sunlune focus on R&D, keep up with trends, facing the future, update iterative JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER (520MH) CHIP products. Sunlune has always adhered to the “customer first” as the core values, uphold the principle of fair, just and open work, to achieve the industry’s first technical level.

With the rise of Internet giants, the high concentration of network resources and data leads to the excessive concentration of economic strength and wealth, which brings many practical problems to the market. Computing power will be a sharp tool to break the existing pattern and build a more fairly cyber world in the future. What is the purpose of focusing on the computing power circuit of blockchain? 

We summed up five reasons:

First, the traditional information internet have no more space for innovation and no more value. The value Internet has begun, which is spawned by the blockchain protocol. Global infrastructure is a public blockchain represented by Ethereum, which contains infinite imagination of the future world. And the future has actually passed.

Second, computing power is the most reliable underlying infrastructure of the global public blockchain, as well as a security barrier, which cannot be avoided. Avoiding it, the blockchain system will become a castle in the air, merely a digital game, unable to carry the future. 

Third, the fundamental problem solved by blockchain is the biggest problem in the era of information internet: data monopoly. It is not enough to break the data monopoly only by the power of the government, but by the subversion of technology. 

Fourth, Ethereum’s ethash consensus algorithm is a particularly excellent algorithm, which puts forward excellent problems and is of great value to continuously promote the rapid progress of computer architecture. We are fortunate to encounter this problem and have been able to initially solve it. 

Fifth, the energy consumption of computing power brick launched by Sunlune is very low. Compare to graphics card,the typical energy consumption is lower by more than one order of magnitude, under the same computing power. And the total power consumption is less than 1kW per day.

A little small chip can rock the whole earth, the future is here, but not yet well known. In the future, two brand new products code named JASMINER will be able to bloom with confidence and elegance like jasmine flowers. With the charm of high-throughput processors, they will provide the future and affect the whole world. In the future, Chinese chip has the ability to participate in cooperation in the international market, gallop through the storm and write legends.



Sunlune “chip” power and new technology will give more new power to thinking in the future. There is reason to believe that Chinese power will eventually become an important force to change the computing world using the JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER (520MH) CHIP.